McTigue Wedding

Materials Used: Watercolor, Adobe CC

Lauren and Joe had only decided on their color palette when they came to me with their request. At first, we perused the idea of having a more elaborate invitation, including a full illustrated background, but after much consideration we ultimately chose a more simple, yet sophisticated approach. 

These invitations include a hand-painted wreath and headers. 


If you are planning a wedding and shopping for invitations, get in touch with your ideas and shoot me an email! Please remember that they are custom designed, so I will need ample time to create a package specifically for you and yours!

Some Process Work:

Preliminary work is the most time-consuming as well as most important part of the process.

Left- Final sketch. Right -  Final painting, ready for digital work.

Initial sketch

Initial sketch

Painted - Ready to be scan & edit!

Painted - Ready to be scan & edit!